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We can help you with a wide range of projects or programmes of ongoing work. We've explained each one of these services in detail below.

We have the expertise and experience to help you meet the challenges of today’s health and social care needs

Some of these are described below


Our team of experienced Occupational Therapists and support staff have a proven track record in quickly, efficiently and economically reducing Local Authority waiting lists for Occupational Therapy Assessments – this can be an end to end service if required from triage to closure.


In most areas of the country there is a rising number of people with complex postural needs and a limited budget to meet those needs. Our expertise in seating has resulted in a reduced special equipment spend, increased confidence in prescribing seating by local therapists and needs of service users being met quickly.


We have proven, by using our skills and expertise, that expensive double–up care packages can often be reduced saving money for Local Authorities and resulting in a better outcome for service users.


We are able to review care packages that have been in place long term or short term (for example to enable hospital discharge) to see if they are still meeting the needs of service users. This can result in considerable savings for Local Authorities.


We have considerable experience and expertise in delivering an end to end Technology Enabled Care service, from assessment to review. Our service has proven that a professional assessment and the correct, targeted use of telecare / telehealth equipment can provide substantial savings in other areas such as reducing night time packages of care.


Using our experience and knowledge we have developed and delivered a wide range of training courses including accredited Trusted Assessor Training, basic equipment training and specific clinical training to both qualified and non-qualified social care and NHS staff.


As one of the country’s biggest purchasers of daily living equipment and with a national perspective we can use this intelligence to help you make the best equipment choices for your area.


We can take over some, or all aspects of your OT provision, transferring staff across to NRS. We will transform processes and service levels to ensure a high quality, cost effective service that users are highly satisfied with.

Blue Badge Services

We run Blue Badge Services on behalf of Local Authorities. We will provide a whole service from admin to assessment to appeals.