Assessment backlogs

Assessment backlogs

We will help you clear your assessment backlog, quickly and efficiently, ensuring all those assessed get the best possible experience and outcomes in line with your policies and aims.

Whether you need us to take on the whole backlog, parts of it, or take a number of ongoing assessments to avoid a backlog building up, we can help you.

We can:

  • Take on a cohort of assessments, or take assessments over time
  • Run the complete process from triage to assessment and case management, or any part of the process
  • Do simple or complex assessments, or a mix of assessments. We can also assign the right people to assessments ranging from Trusted Assessors, OTas, OTs and specialists to cover all requirements and ensure costs are contained whilst clinically appropriate staff are covering each assessment
  • We will work with you to ensure all your policies and approaches are followed, with needs and follow up requirements assigned to the right delivery teams within your organisation or partners
  • We can use your own Case Management system, or our own OLM Eclipse Case Management system to ensure all user and assessment details are safely and rigorously recorded
  • We will report to you regularly on progress and against any KPIs you set for the project, making sure you have complete transparency
  • We use proven feedback measures to check with users on their satisfaction and the outcomes from assessment, and will report on these to you


We recently helped Buckinghamshire County Council to complete their backlog of over 700 assessments. Working closely with the Council OT team we completed 500 of the assessments to clear the backlog within 4 months.

We were really pleased to get the following feedback from our customer;

“With the last referred client being closed to yourselves and just one that Liz is finalising we have successfully completed the tsk set to clear the old OT waiting list within the time I had viewed was doable. Liz and I wish to express on behalf of the OT service our appreciation on the large part you and your colleagues at NRS have had in this achievement

It has been a pleasure working with you all – the level of assessments carried out by all staff have been of an exceptional standard with well documented reports and communication with us. If you ever need to provide an endorsement for other similar work please do not hesitate in providing my contact details.”
- Clinical Lead, Buckinghamshire County Council