Hull City Council

Hull City Council

In 2017 NRS Healthcare won a competitive tender to provide Level II accredited Trusted Assessor training to Social Care staff in Hull City Council (HCC). The training aims to enable staff to be able to identify, assess for and have the skills to order a range of equipment to meet an individual’s needs, such as rails and raised toilet seats.

The training also enables staff to recognise when an individual has higher level needs than they are able to assess for, therefore requiring input from an Occupational Therapist or Occupational Therapy Assistant.

NRS Healthcare Occupational Therapists are all trained to deliver this course to a high standard and receive refresher training annually. Training in Hull took place in a venue provided by HCC and was delivered across 2 consecutive days each time. In total 100 Social Care staff have been accredited so far. The course has been so successful that 10 more courses are planned for 2019.

The outcome of having more Trusted Assessor trained staff is that service users have their low level equipment and minor adaptations needs met more quickly and seamlessly than they would if they had to wait for an Occupational Therapy assessment. Staff feel confident in prescribing this equipment and know when the needs are more complex and an Occupational Therapy Assessment is needed.

We have now also successfully trained Social Care staff in South Tyneside, Herefordshire and Isle of Wight.


“Excellent training sessions and trainers. Good refresher for existing staff and a must for new staff”

“The role of Trusted Assessor is a new one for me but I loved the training – it met all expectations”

“The trainers were very approachable and knowledgeable – made the training really interesting”