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East Sussex Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Service

NRS Healthcare are delighted to be working as a partner with East Sussex County Council to provide your technology enabled care (TEC) service. Our new service commenced 1st September 2023.

If you have any questions about the service please contact our team on (telephone) 0300 100 0260 or (text) 0737 890 5739

Frequently asked questions

Will there be a change to the service I received before 1st September 2023?

The company delivering the service has changed but you will still receive the same service and raise alerts in the same was as you did before 1st September.

What will happen if I had equipment from the previous supplier?

The equipment you had from your previous supplier will continue to work. As part of the national ‘Analogue to Digital’ shift, if you currently have analogue equipment, this will need changing, but you don’t need to do anything, we will contact you to arrange replacement.

Will my information be safe with NRS Healthcare?

Yes, all personal information will be transferred and kept securely. It will not be shared with anybody.

My needs have changed, who do I contact to seek extra support?

Please contact Health and Social Care Connect on 0845 60 80 191 to discuss matters relating to changing levels of need.

Who do I contact if my equipment doesn’t work?

If you have any problems with your lifeline/technology enabled care please contact NRS Healthcare on 0300 100 0260 or

I’m going into a care home. Can my spouse use my equipment instead of me?

Please contact NRS Healthcare via 0300 100 0260 or to arrange collection of any equipment that is no longer required.

My old equipment has been knocked about a bit over the years. Can I swap it for a newer model?

Unless the equipment is damaged and no longer works, it will not be replaced. If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact NRS Healthcare via 0300 100 0260 or

Can I swap my analogue equipment to a digital device?

We will be replacing all analogue equipment over the next 12 months and will be in touch to arrange replacement. If, however, your telecommunications provider advises that your service is going to be moved to digital before you hear from us, please get in touch and we will arrange an earlier replacement.

I’m allergic to the material in my pendant strap, is an alternative strap available

If you have any problems with your equipment after 1 September, please contact NRS Healthcare via 0300 100 0260 or

I’ve lost my device/pendant, will you send me a new one?

If you need a replacement pendant, please let NRS Healthcare know by contacting 0300 100 0260 or

Will I need to pay for a replacement device if I’ve lost mine?


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Telephone number: 0300 100 0260

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Customer service opening hours:
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