NRS Healthcare aims to deliver a first-class service to all people who we meet. We see all feedback, whether good or not so good, as a valuable way for us to learn and improve our services. Therefore, we welcome all compliments, comments and complaints.

We love to hear good news stories from you when you have had a positive experience with an NRS Healthcare service, particularly where staff have gone over and above your expectations. Acknowledgement of good service is a very positive way for us to learn from you. Details of all compliments received will be shared with the staff members and the team concerned, as well as at management level. It always makes our day brighter!

People who use our services generally have the best ideas on how to improve them. Therefore, we welcome comments about any niggles you have had or ways that you think we can do things better. If you make a comment to us, this will be logged and passed to the relevant department or partner to take action as necessary.

We accept that although we do everything possible to ensure that you are treated fairly and properly and as we would wish a member of our family was treated, sometimes things do go wrong and it's important that you tell us if you’re unhappy. We take complaints very seriously. All complaints are treated in the strictest of confidence and we always aim to resolve them quickly and, where possible, correct any mistake straight away.

We will acknowledge your complaint as soon as we receive it and tell you who is going to review your complaint. If we can resolve your concerns immediately and you are happy for us to do so then we’ll tell you straight away what action we intend to take. If we can’t, then we’ll come back to you and let you know when we aim to respond to your complaint in full.

After we’ve responded to your complaint we will contact you again to check you’re happy with the outcome and you feel that you complaint was handed fairly and properly.

Please complete the details below, telling us what kind of feedback you have for us and we’ll respond as soon as we receive it: