Our Collections, Recycling and Reuse

We purchase quality appropriate equipment at the lowest lifetime costs available in the market

We safely store that equipment in modern purpose designed warehousing which maximises efficiency

When a clinical need is identified, we deliver the equipment to the service user at the required time and help them understand how to use it safely

We repair, service, and maintain the equipment to ensure it remains safe in the community

When equipment is no longer needed we promptly collect, clean, repair, and store to ensure quick availability and access for the next service user


Equipment collection, recycling and reuse

An essential part of our services is the collection of equipment when it is no longer needed. This allows us to recycle equipment and provide it to another person at their point of need. Recycling equipment saves money for commissioners and reduces waste.

Improved recycling

Our proactive approach to equipment retrieval, advanced recycled practices, and selection of products on a whole life cost basis has increased recycling levels across our contracts. By doing so, we reduce the need to purchase new - helping control costs for commissioners and better meeting the needs of service users through increased equipment access.

Facilities in all our services centres means all equipment is cleaned, decontaminated, and repaired in line with industry best practice and current legislation.

By doing so, we deliver high levels of recycling which reduces costs to commissioners and provides service users with clean, functional and fit for purpose equipment.