Our Service Centres

We purchase quality appropriate equipment at the lowest lifetime costs available in the market

We safely store that equipment in modern purpose designed warehousing which maximises efficiency

When a clinical need is identified, we deliver the equipment to the service user at the required time and help them understand how to use it safely

We repair, service, and maintain the equipment to ensure it remains safe in the community

When equipment is no longer needed we promptly collect, clean, repair, and store to ensure quick availability and access for the next service user


We deliver Integrated Community Services (ICES) from our service centres across the UK. The location, size and services provided by each service centre is bespoke to the needs of each contract. Each service centre provides safe and efficient storage, prompt equipment repair and has on-site decontamination facilities.

Our preference is always new and modern purpose designed warehousing. This supports service efficiency and an improved working environment for our staff.