Three NRS Healthcare depots opened their doors to partner health professionals to get to know them better and give them an opportunity to look around and find out more information about the organisation.

The teams in Bicester, Southampton and Portsmouth invited prescribers from the local authorities and NHS trusts to an open day and all those attending said they found it a beneficial experience.

Each event began with an introduction of NRS Healthcare before guests were invited for a tour of the depots and the chance to talk to staff working in the warehouses as well as customer services and the occupational therapy teams.

Mike Cutler, Service Centre Manager, for Portsmouth and Southampton, said:

“It was fantastic to meet those who attended and a great way to strengthen understanding and fundamentally work together to deliver a fantastic service to our clients in the community. We are all very proud of the partnership with have with our council partners and the NHS and look forward to hosting similar events in the future.”

Sarah Blake recently joined the company as the Service Centre Manager for Bicester. She said:

“I’d like to thank everyone involved at the depot the pride they showed in and out of their roles and to those hosting the 15 prescribers that had the opportunity to see and learn more about the different processes in the Customer Service office and the warehouse. We also had a chance to discuss everyday things that crop up and answer any questions that came up as a result of the tour.”

Lucia Bundell is an Occupational Therapy Associate Practitioner in the Adult Social Care team at Portsmouth City Council. She said:

“I thought the chance to meet all staff and each member giving a tour and description of their role was really nice and helpful. It was good to see how everyone works and the process that takes place in the office, warehouses and out on the road. It was also useful to see how all the equipment is laid out. I think we sometimes order equipment and forget about the collections, cleaning and things having to be put back into stock, all things behind the scenes that we wouldn’t necessarily beware of. It’s nice to think that NRS and the community teams were all classed as one big team.”

Sally Green, a rehabilitation assistant at Bicester Community Hospital, said:

“The open day gave me an understanding of the workload and how it’s organised, which I must say is very efficient. I really think it’s made others aware of what goes on behind the scenes and so will be more understanding of any delays.”

Joanne Fisher is a coordinator with the South Adult Social Care Team at Oxfordshire County Council. She said:

“It was a great day! It was nice to finally put some names to faces and to see all the work that NRS does. You all do a fabulous job in my view! I felt the whole day was beneficial and would be interested in attending something similar in the future.”