NRS Healthcare staff from Southampton took to the city centre over the weekend to raise money for a cause close to their hearts.

Dave Jenkins, Stuart Betts, Mark Pollard, Ali O’ Hara, Mike Cutler and Neil Thacker completed a Bed Push, using the company’s own community bed, in aid of Southampton Hospitals Charity, which helps to enhance the care and treatment of patients at University Hospital Southampton.

The team were particularly keen to raise funds for the paediatric unit and were delighted to be joined by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Jacqui Rayment, Southampton City Council Commissioner Paul Frampton and Sammy the hospital mascot, who proved extremely popular with people of all ages.

Ali O’ Hara, Clinical Regional Manager for NRS, organised the event. She said:

“It was an amazing and uplifting to see the generosity of the people of Southampton. We met a girl who was born on Christmas Day weighing just 4lbs, whose parents call her their little miracle. She regularly attends the hospital, and it was humbling to know that the money we’re raising will help children like her. I’d like to thank everyone from Southampton who supported the event and the mayor who took time out of an impossibly busy day and is a remarkable ambassador for her charities and also to Ray Southam, who coordinated the event from the children’s hospital charity and came along as Sammy the mascot. Thank you also to Paul Frampton, Southampton Commissioner, who attend. We look forward to continuing our collaborative working with both health and social care.”

Mike Cutler, Service Manager in Southampton, said it was a great event to be a part of. He said:

“The bed push was excellent, and we were delighted to raise just short of £500 from the two hours collecting in the city centre. As well as wanting to raise money for such a great cause, we also took the opportunity to hand out some NRS pens and trolley keyrings which were very popular and talk to people about how they can return any community equipment they no longer need, so that it can be used by others. A few people we chatted to said how amazing it was to have equipment for their loved ones so that they can stay in their own homes. I was immensely proud to be a part of this. The team in Southampton really do go above and beyond.”

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