NRS Healthcare was delighted to end the year having won several new Community Equipment contracts through the course of 2022, both with existing customers, and new customers.

This included new contracts won through separate successful rebids with Buckinghamshire Council, Lincolnshire County Council, Brighton & Hove Council and Torbay Council and firmly embeds NRS Healthcare as one of the leading suppliers of community equipment in the UK.

In addition, NRS was chosen by Plymouth Council as the new provider of the Council’s Community Equipment service.

Buckinghamshire Council’s new contract has already started, with the new contract being delivered from a new Service Centre from July 2022. Other contracts will start from February, March and April 2023.

Some of the new contracts extend the range of services NRS provides to customers. In Lincolnshire for example NRS will also be taking over provision of the Wheelchair services across Lincolnshire from April 2024. Technology Enabled Care (TEC) has been included in NRS’ contract with Buckinghamshire Council for some time, a service developed with Buckinghamshire during the previous contract period and extended in scope in the new contract. A number of contracts add minor adaptations, lift and hoist services, an increasingly common integration with Community Equipment services.

Nigel Thacker, Development Director, said:

“We are delighted to be able to continue our relationships with so many of our existing customers, some of whom we have been delivering Community Equipment and other services in partnership with for 15 years or more. We are also proud to have been chosen by new customers to provide their services. The new contracts are designed to meet the challenges and opportunities our customers, both Council and NHS partners are facing now and that will emerge over the next decade. Contracts are also increasingly integrating wider services to reduce commissioner costs, make ordering simpler for prescribers, and deliver a more joined up provision for service users.”