We're delighted to announce that our technology enabled care team were the proud winners of two awards in one week in March 2023.

Our Technology Enabled Care Team (TEC) attended the TSA ITEC Conference, held at the ICC in Birmingham on 27th-28th March 2023.

The two-day industry leading event was dedicated to helping social care, housing, health and TEC professionals deliver proactive and preventative digital services. The programme including a wide range of talks and seminars, incldung a panel discussion about The Proactive and Preventaative Care Model featuring, Rupert Lawrence, our Head of TEC.

That evening, our TEC team attended the Gala Dinner and we are so excited to share that we we awarded the TSA Workforce Development Award.

The award recognises our provision of high-quality training, helping colleagues unleash their potential, supporting local people in employment as well as an opportunity for training, development, and social mobility.

Our Learning Academy went live in 2021. It has a wide variety of training courses and apprenticeships that are offered business wide for colleagues of all levels to develop their skills. There is an 89% colleague engagement with our learning opportunities. Within our TECS team we have developed a ‘grow-our-own’ programe to support and expand our TEC experts knowledge within their fields, with 2 out of our 15 company-wide apprentices working within TEC services.

Thank you to Saera Mushtaq, Head of Organisational Development and Learning for her support with our winning award entry.

On Wednesday, 29th March, we were presented with a second award, The Healthwatch Recognition Award.

The Award recognised how we enabled local people to monitor the standards we delivered in the TEC Build and Test. Throughout the project we involved those accessing the service to lead how we shaped it, learning from them and adapting and reshaping based on what we heard from the project team and those supported by the TEC.

Kent County Council (KCC) and NRS Healthcare (NRS) commenced a one-year project in April 2022 to build and test a Technology Enabled Care service for the future, supporting KCC’s vision of ‘Making a difference every day’.

Over the course of the project, the TEC Team received 161 referrals, with 133 of those people being recipients of Technology Solutions and 97% of them stated feeling improvements within their Personal Outcome Measures.

The success of the project has been achieved with great teamwork and a range of partners who bought their expertise, insights and enthusiasm to react quickly to what we were learning.

We are so proud to have been awarded two awards in one week and would like to share this exciting news with you.

To find out more about how our TECS team can support transformation of your TEC service please visit our dedicated page here.