Having the support of his wife and daughter and seeing them on the very final corner of the London Marathon, outside Big Ben, was the highlight of an NRS Service Manager’s London Marathon experience.

Mike Cutler then video called his wife Rosy and daughter Isabella to watch him cross the finish line, describing it as “an incredibly proud and emotional moment”.

He said:

“I feel really very proud to say I took part in the London Marathon and finished it. I couldn’t wait to get my medal and had a burst of energy at that moment just to get in line and receive it, alongside my finisher’s t-shirt. The crowds were amazing and everyone was motivating each other to keep going. My biggest highlight was seeing my wife and daughter outside Big Ben which gave me the extra determination to see it through, but seeing the sights, running through London Bridge at the half-way point was also very special.”

Mike originally planned to take part in the marathon in 2017, however gave up his place up after his father passed away. He was delighted to get the opportunity to run for NRS Healthcare’s partner charity Carers Trust this April and began intensive training between Christmas and New Year.

NRS has partnered with the Carers Trust for the past three years, to support the charity which transforms the lives of unpaid carers through collaboration, influence, evidence and innovation.

A gruelling challenge, Mike struggled with leg pain during the race, but was determined to continue. He said:

“From mile eight, my leg really began to ache and by mile 12 I could really feel the blisters of my feet becoming sore. When I got to 20 miles I honestly wanted to stop, but I realised I could do it and reminded myself at the great cause I was running for with the Carers Trust and that I only had another six miles to go! By 24 miles, both legs were incredibly sore and each stride was painful, but seeing the crowds and my girls on that last corner really did give me that final push. I am still incredibly sore but feel amazing to have been part of it; such a surreal experience and one which I will never forget.”

Svetlana Kirov, Carers Trust’s Executive Director of Fundraising said:

“We want to say a huge thank you to Mike for running the London Marathon and choosing to support unpaid carers and Carers Trust. Your hard work and dedication to training and fundraising has been incredible, and we really appreciate your amazing commitment to helping unpaid carers. You are an inspiration and should be very proud of this brilliant achievement!”

Mike is extremely thankful to those who have already donated and is hoping he can reach his £2,000 target. He added:

“Thank you to NRS Healthcare and the Carers Trust for giving me the opportunity to be part of such an iconic event. I am so near my target, and I’d really like people to reach it, so if anyone who hasn’t already, is able to donate, please, please do.”
You can sponsor Mike here.