It’s Recycle Week and this year’s theme is ‘Missed Capture’ focussing on items in the home that can be recycled but commonly aren’t.

NRS Healthcare provides community equipment on behalf of local authorities and the NHS to hundreds of thousands of people across the UK every year, helping them to live full, active and independent lives.

Some people need to use community equipment for a long time, others only briefly. Many people do not realise that it can be recycled. Returning equipment when it is no longer needed it vital, not only because it can then be used by others who need it, but also to help save public money.

All of the equipment which has been loaned can be recycled and once rigorous decontamination and safety checks have been carried out, is then reused. Equipment can be ready for redistribution in just three days.

Returning equipment is easy. If anyone you know has equipment supplied by their local authority they no longer need, NRS will collect them for free. To contact your nearest Service Centre, visit here.