NRS Healthcare has expanded its Integrated Community Equipment Service recycle and reuse project with Kent County Council and NHS Kent & Medway.

People are now able to take the community equipment they no longer need to four of Kent County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) so they can be reused or recycled.

This is in addition to four existing hospital sites, where people can already return their unwanted equipment.

Tom Lindsey, Customer Service Manager for NRS Healthcare in Kent, said:

“This recycling project is very exciting for us and will allow for the community to community to continue to recycle and reuse equipment. These recycling points improve efficiency and sustainability, allowing us to continue to help serve the community and the environment at the same time.”

Smaller items with an NRS Healthcare barcode such as walking sticks, frames, raised toilet seats and crutches can be returned to Allington and Dover HWRCs, managed by FCC Environment and Swanley and Tunbridge Wells HWRCs managed by Commercial Services Group.

All the items will then be collected, cleaned and repaired by NRS ready to be reused by others in the community, or being discharged from hospital. Some items may also be donated to charity to help people with disabilities overseas.

The sites are not able to accept items such as dressing, medicines, sharps, incontinence products, tubes and pumps, or electrical equipment.

For anyone who is not able to return equipment with a barcoded sticker, NRS will collect it for free. To book a collection, please call 01622 235300.