We are delighted to announce the successful start of our ICES contracts with Southampton and Portsmouth Councils and CCGs.

The contract was won in December 2019 and started on 1st July 2020. It involved a complex implementation including the sourcing, fit out and stocking of two new depots; one for each City. It also involved the transfer of staff under TUPE from the incumbent supplier and all the other usual aspects of a successful ICES contract start.

What was unusual, however, was the onset of COVID19 and the lockdown imposed almost from the start of the implementation period. This meant, amongst other restrictions, much of the face to face work and meetings normally involved in a transition programme had to be conducted online. This included meetings with commissioners, transferring and recruiting staff, and the training of prescribers. Despite this, both depots opened on time and the contract started work, to the specification, on July 1st as was originally intended.

“The lockdown presented significant challenges such as obtaining materials and other restrictions however NRS were able to fully implement the new service as per the service specification for the 1st of July 2020. NRS were resourceful and demonstrated excellent organisation and planning during this period. They were responsive and flexible and kept Commissioning regularly updated on their progress”

Paul Frampton, Commissioner for Community Equipment Services, Southampton City Council / Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group.

“Overall the mobilisation plan was fully accomplished in the face of many limitations due to the Covid-19 situation and this was very much due to the determination and hard work of the NRS management team and the operational staff brought in to assist, from nearby facilities. Collectively they were very responsive in helping to overcome any barriers and obstacles that were encountered.”

David Stokes, Commissioning Contracts Officer, Portsmouth City Council

We would also like to thank our colleagues involved in the implementation, our newly recruited colleagues and those transferring from the incumbent, and the local prescribers and commissioners. Their flexibility, hard work and determination to get things done was key to the successful start of the new contract.