A big thank you to one of our wheelchair technicians in Northern Ireland.

Charlie Mcnamee, one of our wheelchair technicians in Northern Ireland, received a thank you for saving the life of one of his wheelchair clients.

During a scheduled appointment to carry out repairs on a client’s wheelchair, the client experienced a seizure and become unresponsive. Charlie immediately called the ambulance service and waited with the client until medical help arrived. The client was transferred straight away to hospital.

By chance a few days later, Charlie was visiting the hospital to carry out a routine wheelchair check and the client he had helped recognised Charlie’s voice. She and her family couldn’t thank him enough. It transpired she had experienced a stroke. No-one was due to visit her until much later in the day, so Charlie's quick actions had potentially saved her life.

Charlie said that

“The clients I see often don’t see anyone else all day so it’s nice to have a chat whilst I’m working. This client suddenly stopped talking and I knew something was seriously wrong. I’m so pleased I was there and able to help, it was great to see her doing so well in hospital and receive thanks from her family”.


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