NRS Healthcare, in partnership with the NHS and West Sussex County Council, celebrated its first year supporting people in the community to live independent lives through Technology Enabled Care (TEC).

When awarding the contract West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) were looking for an innovation and development partner who would help realise all the benefits they were looking for from a progressive technology enabled care service. During the first year of the contract, the NRS team have worked at improving outcomes for over 3,000 people in West Sussex including helping people to be discharged from hospital more quickly, helping people to maintain independence and stay in their own homes or continue to get out and about.

NRS Healthcare held a virtual event to celebrate our NHS and Social Care heroes’ successes and recognise the amazing outcomes achieved through the hard work the first year of the contract.

At the event we heard from service users and their families, as well as running a small awards presentation to recognise those people who have helped deliver the first year’s accomplishments in such challenging times.

As well as viewing at what has been achieved so far, NRS, WSCC and the NHS looked to the future. Including continuing with the innovative approach; working on a number of projects to review how new cohorts of people living in West Sussex can be helped by the service, including how technology already in people’s home could help them, and revolutionary new technology such as virtual reality.

Sue Tivey, Senior Contracts Officer, Extra Care Team, Adults Services and Health from West Sussex County Council and commissioner of the TECS contract, said

"We genuinely wanted to celebrate the first anniversary of our TEC service because so many people, teams and organisations have worked together during an extremely difficult time to deliver technology to our customers. In particular, our TEC Champions have been crucial in getting the service off the ground and in helping solve challenges as they arose. NRS, as our developmental partner, have used digital technology from day one and introduced new and exciting TEC for our customers. Our expectation is that the mutual respect and partnership will grow over the term of the contract to everyone’s advantage but particularly for our customers. “

if you are interested in the successes we’re having and would like further information, please contact Emma Quest, Service and Transformation Manager, West Sussex TECS here.