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NRS Healthcare are delighted to be working as a strategic partner with East Sussex County Council to provide TEC services to people throughout the county. Our new service commenced on 1 September 2023 and aims to deliver a new innovative way of using technology to support people to live more independently for longer.

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Please find below, slides of the training sessions we have been running about the new service

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Frequently asked questions

The NRS Service

What does NRS Healthcare stand for?

Nottinghamshire Rehab Service, it's a long-established company that started in Nottingham and now has multiple sites across the UK, supplying community equipment, wheelchair and clinical services alongside the technology enabled care contracts.

Where is NRS Healthcare based?

Nationwide, though the depot servicing the East Sussex contract is in Worthing.

Can users contact NRS Healthcare directly?

Yes, they can call 0300 100 0260, email tecs@eastsussex.nrs-uk.net or text 07378 905739.

Where are the service technicians located?

Home-based across East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent, and the depot is based in Worthing.

Where is the Appello monitoring service based?

This service is outsourced and there are several Appello monitoring stations located nationwide.

Is the service available on Saturday?

Any queries received over the weekend will be dealt with on Monday.

The Equipment

If my client has a hearing impairment, can they be contacted by NRS Healthcare by text to arrange installation?

Yes, please highlight this on the referral form that contact is to be made via text message.

If my client uses blood thinning medication can this be put into medication dispensers?

No, this cannot be used in medication dispensers to protect from moisture & cross contamination.

If your client requires assistance to remember to take their medication other options such as reminder clock may be more suitable.

Is there an online brochure?

The online referral tool that ESCC prescribers will be using shows all the equipment that is in the contract, including costs.

Does NRS Healthcare maintain the equipment even though they do not manufacture it?


Are there DDA-related items (shaking items, flashing lights) that link to smoke alarms?

Yes, these items will be shown in the online referral tool.

How sensitive are the various falls detector options and do they come with a belt clip like the standard pendant?

The new falls sensors are designed not have as many false alarms as previous models and all work in slightly different ways. The Chiptech Pearl Advanced is neck-worn only. Telealarm does not offer a belt-clip option.

Is there any equipment that should not be put in place due to health conditions and pacemakers?

Pillow shakers should be a minimum of 15cm from pacemakers. In addition, anything with a SIM card should be 25cm away from a pacemaker as standard. These dependencies are referenced in the portal and on the Decision Support Tool.

If a prescriber prescribes a wrist-worn device as preference over pendant, what happens with the neck-worn pendant?

If the client prefers a wrist-worn pendant, please note their preference on the order and the pendant will be adapted to wrist-worn. A wrist worn device does not need to be ordered as well.

Should we be utilising one brand over another?

Please default to the Chiptech options. The portal will reference any 'preferred' options.

How many Keysafe models are available?

There is only 1 keysafe model (XL) available currently with NRS.

What are “DDA Solutions”

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) solutions are used to support adults with sensory impairments.

What happens with faulty equipment?

NRS's equipment can self-identify many faults and send a report to NRS, they also test the equipment to confirm the unit is working and a sticker with NRS's number will be on the equipment for any technical support.

The Process for Prescribers

How will I refer clients into the new service?

There will be an online referral form to complete; this will ask you for the client details required, as well as allow you to select the equipment you would like to prescribe.

We will be running sessions to help you complete the form and understand the equipment.

What are the costs for clients?

New clients receiving the service after 1st September 2023 will contribute £3.85 per week towards the monitoring costs.

Is the cost to the client the maximum amount they will be charged, regardless of the number of items they are prescribed?

Yes, the client contribution goes towards the monitoring element of the service, not the equipment provided.

How quickly will a response be received by the provider to a priority email?

Emails received by NRS up to 4pm on a weekday will be responded to on the same day.

Are the costs to ESCC of individual items displayed within the ordering portal?


What do we order if there is no mobile signal, but the client has a router?

In this situation, please prescribe the Telealarm.

What are the differences between standalone, self-monitored and combination?

  • Standalone is equipment such as apps and keysafes, i.e., unmonitored options.
  • Self-monitored is equipment that is not monitored by the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) but monitored by a local pager.
  • Combination should provide all options.

If in doubt, select Combination.

Why is there a question related to clients in extra care settings with Tunstall equipment?

This question has been included to manage ASC clients in extra care settings who have hardwired Tunstall systems. Once the extra care sites transition to digital (and assuming they move away from Tunstall) this question will be removed.

What does the Proactive Calls service entail?

This is the same as the former Telecheck service. Wherever possible, these will be delivered as automated calls unless this is not suitable for the client. Further guidance will be added to Telecare intranet pages shortly.

As the DNRA is a non-mandatory question that may not be appropriate to ask, how should we proceed?

If not appropriate to ask, please record as 'unknown'.

What does this question mean? 'Is the customer able to take action if they are informed of Fire, Flood, Gas leak?'

This relates to whether the client can contact emergency services themselves, and/or move themselves to safety.

Is the GP information question mandatory?

It's not mandatory, but please share this information if known.

Do we need to gather the customers emergency contacts?

Yes, ESCC prescribers will need to ask for this information. The order in which contacts are recorded are the order they will be contacted by NRS.

What happens in relation to short-term provision? Who monitors the 12 weeks timescales?

This option is for Hospital teams only. All other ESCC staff should use the long-term option.

Is there a ‘click for info’ button in the portal for each item?


The expandable equipment sections aren't functional unless you check the 'show all products' box.

Please select 'combined' for information on all options to be displayed. There is also a check box at the bottom to show all available options.

Why are there so many different Smoke Detectors?

The standard unit for NRS is called 'Chiptech'. Once this has been selected, all other peripherals will only be compatible with this base unit, so the smoke detector that works with Chiptech will be the only option available.

If we order something that isn't compatible, will the system warn us?

The system will not allow you to order equipment that is not compatible with the base unit selected.

Is there a Dual Assessment with a SCA and NRS assessment together required for GPS trackers?

Any request to have an assessment for GPS trackers will be directed to the appropriate NST/MH Team.

If there are any safeguarding issues, how much information are we permitted to disclose to NRS (i.e., GDPR)?

Where there are concerns you feel may be relevant for NRS, please speak to a senior or a PM to review these on a case-by-case basis, as well as seek further input from NRS about this specific question.

Will there be a further portal to track/monitor a completed order or update info such as contact numbers etc?

Yes however this is still in development.

Are customers able to contact NRS Healthcare directly if any changes occur - i.e., medication change, emergency contact details?

Yes, NRS are contactable by clients, and clients can contact NRS with changes. However, if they feel their needs have changed because of (for example) a medication change, they may wish to review their equipment/needs with ASC.

The Digital Switchover

What are the timescales for the digital switchover?

During the first year of the contract.

Will users have to swap equipment during the digital switchover?

Over time (1 year from September 2023) existing clients with analogue kit will receive replacement digital kit. New clients after 1st September 2023 will have digital kit installed.

When ordering equipment, how much will the installation cost?

The standard and urgent options will attract a flat fee of £52. Urgent orders should only be used for hospital teams, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Are there any connectivity issues?

This is dependent on the client's location and mobile connectivity. Where there are mobile signal issues, technicians will explore other options.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak to the local customer service team, please see below for details. Or alternatively you can complete the contact us form.

Email: tecs@eastsussex.nrs-uk.net

Telephone number: 0300 100 0260

Service centre address:
NRS Healthcare,
Unit D, Northbrook Trading Estate,
Northbrook Road,
West Sussex,
BN14 8PN

Customer service opening hours:
Monday-Friday – 8am-6pm

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