Information for Professionals


    Information for Professionals

NRS Healthcare provides Technology Enabled Care Services/Assistive Technology (TEC/AT) in partnership with North Yorkshire Council.

We have been providing the service since May 2018.

You can refer your service users for an assessment and provision of TEC/AT service.

On this page you’ll find all the information you need about:

  • Information about the service we provide
  • How TEC/AT can help people
  • How to refer a person to our service and eligibility criteria
  • Frequently asked questions about our service.

Information about the service we provide

We provide an end-to-end TECS service covering:

Referrals and how do I make a referral for a TEC/AT assessment?

We receive referrals into the service and triage accordingly, to determine complexity and priority (2, 5 or 14 day service). Referrals are triaged by reviewing the information on the referral, including supporting hospital discharge, and avoiding imminent planned admission to hospital.

We operate an outcome focussed and assessment-based service so all referrals are assessed by telephone, directly or virtually. We can also offer joint assessment with the referrer and one of our Care Technology Technicians – please indicate on the referral form if this is something which is required

The referral form is on LLA >Documents >Assistive Technology. The form will need to be emailed to NRS Healthcare via Egress. Please complete and check all the requested details especially contact information for family/friends/carers for the client to be provided to the monitoring centre.

Clients referred must be eligible for statutory services as determined via a Care Act assessment, or require TEC/AT to assist with reablement, as detailed below:


Short-term need customers who need TEC (which will be free of charge to the customer for a maximum number of 10 weeks) to support them to respond to a crisis or some other urgent or short-term requirement, for example any of the points here:

  • to support their timely discharge from hospital
  • to avoid a hospital admission
  • where there is evidence that a referral will delay or reduce more costly input.

The service is provided for up to 10 weeks to support reablement. During the 10 week reablement time we will contact the referrer to discuss options for the end of the period.

The options are:

  1. The equipment is no longer required and will be collected by NRS
  2. The customer is not eligible for statutory services but would like to continue with the service – in these cases they will be transferred to our private pay service. The customer will be asked to sign a rental agreement and will pay a monthly charge for the equipment and monitoring service. The community responder service is not available via our private pay options. Further details about our private pay offer can be found at www.nrstelecare.co.uk/northyorkshire
  3. The customer is eligible for statutory services and would benefit from continuing the service – the equipment will remain in place.

Longer term need customers who are eligible for the service under the Care Act 2014 and will be able to access TEC to meet their needs via council funding during the period in which they are deemed to be eligible.

Eligible for statutory services – unmet need

Referrals are triaged to determine complexity and priority - 2 day, 5 day, 14 day – determined by reviewing the information on the referral inc: supporting hospital discharges, avoiding imminent planned admission to hospital.

This is an outcome focussed and assessment based service, all referrals are assessed by telephone, directly or virtually. Joint assessments with the Occupational Therapist or our Care Technology Consultants are available.

The completed form should be sent to telecare@northyorkshire.nrs-uk.net via Egress using the password supplied to you in your training


All referrals are assessed by our highly trained team, either by our Triage Officers or our Care Technology Consultants.

The assessment will look at the outcomes your client would like to achieve. Outcomes could vary from feeling safe in their own home to wanting to get out and about more. Following the assessment, we’ll arrange for the solution to be provided/installed.

You do not need to make a new referral to ask for a reassessment, just give us a call or send us an email.


We have a wide range of solutions, equipment, and combinations of both we can offer to clients. These range from a basic pendant alarm through to more complex equipment including multiple sensors providing a wealth of data and innovative products and digital solutions. Where possible we will look to help clients utilise equipment/solutions already available to them such as Alexas and mobile phone apps.

Our team are experts in their field and can help provide the best solution to meet the clients needs and desired outcomes.


If an assessment is taking place in the service users’ environment 95% of the time the installation will take place there and then. A return visit may be needed when a specialist piece of technology is identified. Our expert team of Care Technology Consultants and Technicians will return once this is available to complete.

This will include giving the customer all the information they need about the equipment, how to contact the monitoring centre and what to do if they have a query. They will also make sure that all the relevant information is held by the monitoring centre.


Our monitoring partner is Appello, they have agents available 24/7 for clients to contact in case of an emergency.

Appello will hold all the relevant information about a client such as keysafe PINS, emergency contact information and details about medical conditions and medicines prescribed.

The agent taking an emergency call from a client will take the appropriate action dependent on the situation – this could be reassuring the client, contacting their friend/family contacts, or calling the emergency services.

Mobile Responder Service - Provided by NRS

NRS is happy to announce our responder service is due to launch on the 1st December 2023.

For council funded customers we will provide a mobile response service, which is included in the cost to the council. Typically this will cover situations where a friend of relative is not available to visit and an ambulance is not required.

Examples include when someone has had a non-injury fall but needs help to get back up again, they have alerted the monitoring centre that they need help but are unable to talk, welfare and re-assurance calls.

999 Response

Our monitoring centre can also refer directly into 999, they will call on this service if the customer does require an emergency ambulance.

Maintenance and repair

We provide maintenance and repair of equipment as part of our service. We have a planned preventative maintenance schedule and will contact clients when a service is due. Clients can contact us or the monitoring centre if they have any concerns about their equipment.

Please encourage clients to allow us access to maintain their equipment, it could save their lives.

Training for professionals

Our TEC service covers a wide range of products and helps people with all types of needs. To help you understand our service and feel confident referring in, we have a variety of training on offer including:

  • e-learning
  • induction
  • webinars throughout the year.

Please see here for our latest e-learning modules

We also offer training for new North Yorkshire Council delegates delivered in person either at our depot or the LIT hub at the Orchards in Brompton. These sessions run through an introduction to TEC, how different TEC and the outcomes we can achieve by providing this.


Join us in our first podcast to find out the benefits and considerations of pendant alarms and falls detectors.

Meet our team

We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to our North Yorkshire TECS team, so you can put a face to the name when you speak with us:


TEC Triage Officer

Amy has over 4 years of experience in the health and social care sector and has a background in working with adults living with dementia. Part of Amy's role is to triage your referrals to ensure that it is passed to the most appropriate member of the team for assessment. This ensures that accurate yet creative solutions are provided.


Triage Officer

Annabell has an extensive background working in a variety of customer service and care settings with vulnerable adults. She volunteers weekly with young people and feels that her experiences support her in adapting quickly to challenging situations and reach positive outcomes.


TEC Triage Officer

Cheryl is part of our Triage team currently working through her masters degree in occupational therapy. Part of Cheryl's role is to triage your referral for complexity and priority then undertake that assessment over the phone utilising her skills gained through her OT training.


TEC Operations Manager

Jane brings over 12 years of experience in the health and social care sector, spanning ICES, Medical device management, Wheelchairs and has been working with NRS on the TEC contract since May 2018. Jane's main role is to support Joanna in the effective operational running of the contract.


Service & Transformation Manager

Joanna is the Service & Transformation Manager for the North Yorkshire County Council Assistive Technology contract. She has been within the TEC sector for 20 years, beginning as an Emergency responder/installer for a telecare service. This developed her skills for when Joanna moved to Jersey and designed a new Telecare offer for Jersey Telecom and the Government of Jersey.

As Service & Transformation Manager, Joanna works alongside her team to bring innovation, transformation, and collaboration within the business along with culture change.


Innovation Project Coordinator

Matt has a background in working with Autistic adults and young people, and people with learning disabilities. He has worked in residential settings and brings a wealth of knowledge that supports his assessments and shares this with the wider team at NRS Healthcare. Alongside his full time role as our Innovation Project Coordinator Matt is undertaking a BSC in Occupational Therapy at Coventry University.


Care Technology Consultant

Mike is our most experienced CTC, having worked in the industry for over 10 years. Mike has an extensive knowledge of epilepsy sensing equipment and offers us all advice on which solution is likely to be the most suitable to support service users and their carers.


Care Technology Consultant

Nick's main job is carrying out assessments in the community. He can often be found installing prescribed equipment into various homes and care settings.


Community Responder


Community Responder

Tim joins us from Yorkshire Ambulance Service, with his experience as a dispatcher


Community Responder


Triage Officer


Care Technology Consultant


Care Technology Consultant

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a referral to the TEC service?

We receive referrals into the service and triage accordingly, to determine complexity and priority (2, 5 or 14 day service). Referrals are triaged by reviewing the information on the referral, including supporting hospital discharge, and avoiding imminent planned admission to hospital.

We operate an outcome focussed and assessment-based service so all referrals are assessed by telephone, directly or virtually. We can also offer joint assessment with the referrer and one of our Care Technology Technicians – please indicate on the referral form if this is something which is required.

The referral form can be found on LLA > Documents > Assistive Technology. Please complete and check all the requested details especially contact information for family/ friends/carers for the client to be provided to the monitoring centre.

Clients referred must be eligible for statutory services as determined via a Care Act assessment, details of which can be found here

Can self-funders have a referral and assessment through NYCC/NRS?

Yes, all residents of NYCC who are eligible for statutory services can have a referral and assessment through NYCC/NRS regardless of capital limits.

Can we send referrals via email?

Yes, however, to protect service user data, all referrals must be sent to us via Egress. Non-secure referrals will be returned.

Can we specify equipment we want to order?

We welcome your suggestions, please remember that your referral is for assessment.

Can we refer 2 eligible service users on 1 referral?

No, we will require a referral for each eligible service user

Can those with eligible needs who are assessed as being over capital limits be referred for assessment via NYCC/NRS?

Yes, all those eligible for statutory services

What kind of technology is available?

Please see below for different ideas for solutions provided by our TECS service, our highly qualified team will assess the service user/family situation and ensure the correct solution is provided.

Equipment and solutions

ARMED - Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detention (ARMED)
uses technology and predictive analytics to provide a powerful remote monitoring system. It is used to detect when a fall is likely to occur by identifying an escalating risk and is ideal for spotting deterioration to enable solutions to be put in place before an incident, such as a fall, occurs. Overall, this empowers individuals to remain independent and in their homes for longer

NRS and NYCC are collaborating on a project with 20 service users; 10 clients who live in the community and extra care.

Canary Care is a system that can be placed around a someone’s home to detect temperature, light, visitors, medication and door activity and movement which is perfect for monitoring, spotting things early and making decisions about care. It is battery powered, with the hub being accessible via mobile phone app or the web, showing the data from the sensors, through graph form. This product can help to relieve stress, showing at a glance whether movement has occurred, which can be significantly important for families with those living alone.

NRS and NYCC are collaborating on a project, details of the findings will be published here shortly.

Please contact our team if you would like to know more.

Brain in Hand (BIH) is a digital self-management support system for those who need help remembering things, making decisions, planning or managing anxiety. It is accessible via phone, tablet and the web and allows the individual to work collaboratively their supporter to organise their day, plan and set reminders, breaking down tasks into small steps to self-manage and take control over their difficult situations. Although this is not condition specific, it has often been used by people with autism, people who have learning difficulties or who are managing mental health challenges. Through the combination of human support and digital self-management technology, Brain in Hand helps people to live more independently

ORCHA – Health apps library

Health apps can provide round-the-clock support and guidance for people and their carers.

Our Digital Health Library provided by ORCHA has hundreds of tried and tested health apps to choose from.

Apps are available with a wide range of topics including:

  • mental health support
  • support to quit smoking
  • carer support
  • supporting people living with dementia and many more

All the apps in our library have been assessed for their clinical and digital safety.

To find out more and access the apps please visit nrs.orcha.co.uk

Useful Literature


The Jointly App from Carers UK can be downloaded by family carers for free using the unique NRS Healthcare access code.

The app makes caring for someone a little easier, less stressful and more organised by making communication and co-ordination simpler between those who are sharing the care.

NRS Healthcare has teamed up with Carers UK to offer carers in North Yorkshire free access to care co-ordination, Jointly, to help making caring easier.

Details of where to download the app and the access code are in the leaflet which can be downloaded here.

Jointly leaflet

Contact Us

We welcome you to contact us with any questions, queries or for advice.

Email address: telecare@northyorkshire.nrs-uk.net

Telephone number: 01904 221473 option 1

Unit 13,
Bleriot Way,
Stirling Park,
Clifton Moor,
YO30 4WU

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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