We focus on Enabling Care first

Our approach

Many organisations offering Technology Enabled Care start with the Technology element. Our focus is on Enabling Care first.

We take a clinically led approach and work with you, your teams and partners along with service users and their carers. This helps us to focus first on identifying the priority needs, objectives and outcomes.

Then we focus on what will work to achieve those outcomes.

Only then do we focus on the Technology solutions which will fit those needs and will work best to achieve those outcomes.

Tailored technology

As we are not a technology manufacturer, we can choose the best technology the market has to offer. This may include existing and proven technology, or new and innovative technology which can be piloted to show how it offers better solutions.

Whichever technology we source we will ensure it is easy for your teams to understand the benefits it will deliver, is compatible with other solutions and users feel happy and confident having it in their home.

As technology develops, we are also working with:

  • Analytics - algorithms and software which can use a range of sensors to build a picture of someone's movement to health to identify potential problems before they happen
  • Helping people better use the technology they already have - such as Amazon 'Alexa', fitness bands, or Apps that are available for smartphones or tables
  • Communication devices that support direct communication between clinicians and patients in their own homes

Whatever the technology, we ensure it fits with the whole care pathway, and with the people, teams and processes needed to deliver the best outcomes. Technology is part of a wider system of care, and we ensure the whole system is taken into account.

Measuring success

We measure success based on the objectives you are prioritising. For example we have devised a benefits realisation model in partnership with customers to capture the savings made from replacing other care package elements, and from avoiding or delaying admission into care. But we also look at the measures you already have in place and how TECS can positively impact those - for example falls prevention, improved reablement, reduced DToC and reduced readmission to hospital.

  • Over the last few years, since NRS were appointed to deliver our Assistive Technology service in North Yorkshire, we have developed an excellent and honest working relationship with the organisation. From local management level, up to senior managers, they have been approachable, committed and enthusiastic about delivering services to the people in North Yorkshire. As a trusted strategic partner they have lead on advising and supporting us to deliver innovative solutions to our customers, empowering North Yorkshire to be up-to-the-minute with our Assistive Technology services

    Rebecca Dukes, Specialist Housing Development Manager ( Interim), Housing, Technology and Sustainability Team, North Yorkshire County Council
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