Making a real difference and meeting your aims

Transforming TECS

We will work with you to set out a path to ensuring TECS will meet your specific aims and make a real difference. We can analyse your data to help you understand what TEC is currently delivering – and how it could deliver more:

  • Who is using TECS
  • Current attitudes towards TECS
  • Current processes and systems impacting on use
  • What impact your use of TECS is having
  • What barriers might be restricting its effective use

Supporting you

Promoting your broader objectives and initiatives such as supporting prevention agendas, or enabling a strength based approach to assessment and provision. You might wish to use TECS to enhance specific areas such as reablement or falls prevention, support hospital discharge, enable and promote independence, or prevent admissions to care homes or hospital. Or to reduce costs of other care package elements whilst ensuring positive outcomes for users and carers.

Whatever your specific objectives, we will work with you to put in place a transformation plan which will support your priorities and ensure TECS is taking centre stage in helping deliver these aims.

  • Over the last few years, since NRS were appointed to deliver our Assistive Technology service in North Yorkshire, we have developed an excellent and honest working relationship with the organisation. From local management level, up to senior managers, they have been approachable, committed and enthusiastic about delivering services to the people in North Yorkshire. As a trusted strategic partner they have lead on advising and supporting us to deliver innovative solutions to our customers, empowering North Yorkshire to be up-to-the-minute with our Assistive Technology services

    Rebecca Dukes, Specialist Housing Development Manager ( Interim), Housing, Technology and Sustainability Team, North Yorkshire County Council
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