A single coordinated service simplifies and
increases effectiveness

A complete service

As Telecare has expanded to Assistive Technology and Technology Enabled Care, many Authorities and Trusts are looking at how they can ensure the service provision in their area is fully coordinated and delivering a consistent, high quality and innovative service.

Mutiple suppliers, either within an authority area, or across the different parts of the service, can reduce the opportunities for driving new uses of TECS forward, reduce clarity of understanding, reporting and analysing what is actually being delivered to people and the outcomes being achieved.

Not having clear understanding or control over a coordinated service can also mean TECS is not being effectively directed at the areas where it can make the biggest positive impact, or support strategic objectives and intiatives. It can also make testing, and then effectively adopting the new technologies available difficult.

A tailored approach

We deliver a full service for Authorities and Trusts. What that service involves depends on your own needs, situation and aims. However, we can deliver under a single contract and management approach.







A Full Outcomes Based Service

We already deliver a full service approach for Buckinghamshire County Council and North Yorkshire Council. We can also combine this with a self-funding option for those wishing to pay for their own technology based care and support, as we do in Lincolnshire, Torbay and North Yorkshire.

Depending on your own circumstances, we can manage and coordinate our own provision of elements of the full service with other elements from your own, or partner services under a lead supplier or managed service arrangement.

Increasingly, outcomes based commissioning is the preferred approach to create a more person centred and innovative TEC service. A contract that changes month by month, year by year ensures the service is always cutting-edge as practice develops and technology solutions get smarter and more data driven. A therapy led, outcomes based TECS service, where NRS Healthcare acts locally as a change agent and true partner, like the service we deliver for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust provides the best opportunity for success and transformation of your service.