What our service brings to wheelchair users

Service user focused

We put our wheelchair services users at the heart of everything we do.

We fully endorse and are signed up to the Wheelchair Charter which says all wheelchairs users have the right to be provided with the Right Chair at the Right Time, Right now.

Click here for a link to the Wheelchair Charter

To achieve this, our clinically focused teams follow a path of holistic treatment – treating the whole person and not just their physical need for a wheelchair. Our wheelchair assessment considers many elements including clinical needs, physical abilities and the characteristics of school, home, workplace and community as well as individual preferences.

Health and Social Care networks can be complex to navigate through. We try to make this journey as easy as we can with our streamlined client pathway.

Journey through the wheelchair service

We follow a pathway of holistic assessment focussed on the person not just their physical needs.

Our teams support the individual considering their cognitive and physiological well-being when discussing what the client would like from their wheelchair.

Our aim is to create a culture where everyone can access what we offer and we listen and communicate back to all service users. All customer complaints are taken seriously and responded to in a timely manner in line with our complaints policy, which follows local and national guidelines and can be found here. We want to know what’s good and bad with our service, so we can make it better for our wheelchair users.

Safeguarding our wheelchair service users

As a clinically-led organisation, we’re focused on the safety and wellbeing of our clients and service users.

We have a comprehensive clinical governance approach which is underpinned by relevant policies relating to clinical risk, incidents, patient safety and safeguarding. These include policies covering:

  • Clinical incident reporting and management policy
  • Safeguarding policy for adults and children
  • Infection control in the clinical environment
  • Did not attend and Was not brought policies for children and vulnerable adults
  • Clinical moving and handling policy
  • Duty of candour and being open policies and statements

All our clinical and customer facing staff receive training on these policies and are regularly reviewed to ensure they are up to date and have no gaps in their knowledge.

NRS Healthcare holds quarterly Clinical Governance boards to review overall clinical risks, actions to mitigate them, clinical incidents, near misses, and resolutions as well as ongoing performance and improvement actions to reduce risks and address any incidents.

All complaints made are reviewed by a senior clinician to identify any clinical risk and are followed managed through our complaints procedure and policy

Safeguarding policies

We have robust, annually reviewed Safeguarding adults and children policies. Our policies comply with all related local and national standards.

All NRS employees complete mandatory safeguarding training as part of their induction. The messages are reinforced by physical materials in all communal areas of our service centres and offices, displaying the message of “See something, Say something – don’t ignore it”.

Our Safeguarding lead is responsible for ensuring:

  • All staff have undertaken safeguarding training
  • All staff are aware of potential safeguarding concerned
  • All staff know how to report any concerns that they may have
  • All concerns reported are handled in line with local Safeguarding Policies and Procedures
  • All training is up to date and compliant with relevant legislation and best proactive

Clinical Supervision

We provide dedicated supervision to all staff across our contracts. We encourage regular communication to make sure all staff are aware of their safeguarding responsibilities.

Clinical staff are formally supervised at a 1:1 session at least every six weeks, where any safeguarding concerns that have been raised between sessions can be fully discussed and reflected on.