Hull Wheelchair Service

Reopening of Clinics for Wheelchair Services 29th June 2020

After discussion and agreement with our local commissioners NRS Healthcare are reopening clinics at their wheelchair centre based at Reed Street, Hull from 29th June 2020. This will be for adult service users only.

NRS is a COVID-19 Secure business. This means that it has carried out the 5 steps as outlined by government guidelines:

  • We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work here
  • We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to help people work from home
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance in the workplace
  • Where people cannot be 2m apart, we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk

NRS Healthcare has carried out a full risk assessment of our clinic and office space in line with the relevant government guidelines. (a copy of this can be made available for anyone who wishes to see it). Full PPE is readily available (face masks, gloves, aprons and eye protection) and will be worn by staff as appropriate. This is particularly the case in clinics and other areas where they may need to getting closer than 2m to service users.

Service Users attending a clinic will be contacted by telephone prior to their appointment to discuss any special requirements they may have and be talked through what to expect when they attend. They will be encouraged to ask any questions which may be of concern to them before leaving their homes, perhaps for the first time in a number of months. We will also send them a letter outlining in writing what to expect when they attend.

Due to social distancing requirements the service will keep the number of people within the building to a minimum, so until restrictions are further eased there will be less people seen each day face to face. To support this, the team will continue with home visits and virtual clinic assessments where and when appropriate.

Referrals for non- urgent and urgent assessment and provision of wheelchairs will be accepted through the usual channels from prescribers and community referrers and a full delivery, repair and maintenance service will continue.

Children and Young People’s Wheelchair Service.

Children and Young People (CYP) will continued to be seen as per NHS guidance. This advises that CYP should be seen if urgent via safely carried out home visits or, if appropriate, virtual assessments. We are not yet able to bring CYP into clinic settings.

We will continue to carry out an individual risk assessment and prioritise all new wheelchair referrals and review assessments. We will also ensure essential repairs for wheelchairs currently in use continue in a safe and COVID-19 Secure way. This will be essential where CYP’s safety and ability to be cared for at home would be impacted

Useful Download

What to expect when you come to a Wheelchair Service Clinic


Eligibility criteria for wheelchair services


New wheelchair app developed to help manual wheelchair users

A new, educational smartphone app launched for users of manual wheelchairs is designed to give mobility and independence.

The app which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store by searching for 'MWG Manual', has been jointly developed by The United Spinal Association and the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology at the University of Pittsburgh in the USA.

The app includes wheelchair skills videos, Illustrations on wheelchair types, parts and accessories as well as customisable to-do lists and the ability to take notes and videos within the app.

Your wheelchair services

NRS are responsible for the delivery, collection, maintenance and repair of all wheelchair equipment in your community.


Urgent referrals offered appointment for assessment within 5 working days of receipt of referral


Urgent same day deliveries


Urgent referral offered appointment for assessment within 5 working days of receipt of referral


of service users received their wheelchair within the 18 week government target

Useful information

Wheelchair taxi services in your area

For patient transport please telephone 0808 164 3786 to arrange this. Please note morning appointments are required to ensure you an book a journey home.

City Cabs – 01482 501 501
Drive Cabs – 01482 575757
966 Cars – 01482 966 966

Other services

Hull Council of Disabled People

01482 326140

01482 588482

35/37 Ferensway

Special Stars Foundation

01482 227657

City Health Care Partnershup CIC

01482 347 627

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NRS Healthcare are responsible for the assessment of wheelchair users, delivery, collection, maintenance and repair of all wheelchairs in your community.

I think I need a wheelchair, how do I get one?

You can be referred to NRS Healthcare by your GP, therapist, district nurse of Macmillan nurse. Please discuss your needs and any difficulties you are experiencing without a wheelchair at your next appointment.

If your health and social care professional believes you are eligible for a wheelchair and you will benefit from one, they will refer you to our service.

You won’t need to do anything – they’ll send all of the details to us.

What happens after I’ve been referred?

We will telephone you to discuss your needs. If your needs are not complex and it’s believe a standard wheelchair will suit your needs, we’ll be able to send one straight out to you.

If we think that your needs are more complex, we’ll arrange a further assessment with one of our therapists.

Where will my assessment take place?

Your assessment will take place at:

Hull and East Riding Wheelchair Services
11 Reed St

If you can’t make the journey to one of our clinics, we can arrange to visit your home. The wait for a home visit might be longer than an appointment in the clinic. This will be discussed when we contact you to arrange your assessment.

If there is anything you need to bring with you to the assessment, we’ll let you know in advance.

What happens during my assessment?

Our qualified clinicians will talk to you about your daily life, your desired outcomes and what you hope to achieve. They can also talk to your carers and/or family if you would like them to and if it’s relevant to your situation.

We’ll consider your lifestyle and how you wish to live and we’ll make a recommendation.

If you are eligible for a wheelchair and the clinician believes this is the best solution for you, we’ll let you know what chair would be best for you and when to expect delivery. If you need a standard wheelchair with no modifications, it is often possible for you to take your wheelchair home with you to start using it immediately.

If you aren’t eligible for a funded wheelchair then we’ll talk about your other options.

During your assessment please feel free to ask any questions you might have, we want to address any concerns, no matter how small.

When will my wheelchair be ready?

It maybe we can supply a wheelchair immediately. However more specialist chairs may take a little longer. We’ll keep in touch with you and arrange a convenient time to deliver, or for you to collect your wheelchair.

How do I know if my home is suitable for a wheelchair?

Most standard doorways will be wide enough to accommodate a standard wheelchair. We recommend bringing the measurements of the doorways in your home to your assessment.

If you have any concerns initially, you can discuss these with your health and social care professional or any that arise later, during your assessment. If there is a concern about access around your property one of our technical instructors may need to visit you and complete an assessment to ensure you receive a suitable wheelchair.

Ramps are sometimes required for wheelchair access to your home, is this is an issue it can be discussed with your community occupation therapist.

Will you review my needs often?

We’ll agree a review date when you receive your wheelchair. This will depend on your level of need. Our customer services team will contact you around the review time to arrange a convenient time for you. We may conduct reviews as an online survey, a telephone survey or as a physical appointment.

If you feel your needs have changed and you need a review before the agreed date, you can self-refer and contact us directly.

To self-refer please contact us on phone 01904 654052

What happens after my assessment?

If it is determined that you are eligible for a wheelchair funded through the NHS, our clinical staff will order the equipment that they think will meet your needs, this will be discussed with you in the assessment.

Your wheelchair will either be delivered to your home and set up by one of our technicians or we may ask you to come back to the clinic to adjust your wheelchair.

Will you review my needs often?

We’ll agree a review date when you receive your wheelchair. This will depend on your level of need. Our customer service steam will contact you around the review time to arrange a convenient time for you. We may conduct reviews as an online survey, a telephone survey or as a physical appointment.

If you feel your needs have and you need a review before the agreed date, you can self-refer and contact us directly. Any additional information you can provide regarding the changes to your needs/situation is always helpful.

To self-refer please contact us on 0344 8936375.

What can I do if my wheelchair is uncomfortable?

If you have any issues with comfort with your wheelchair, please contact us on 0344 8936375 and we’ll book you into a clinic for review. Our Occupational Therapist will evaluate you and determine if alternatives are available that will make your needs better.

What happened if my wheelchair needs repairing?

If your wheelchair needs repairing, contact the repair service on 0344 8936375 or and we’ll arrange to send a technician out to look at your wheelchair.

If they can’t repair your wheelchair at home, they might have to take it back to our service centre. Where possible we will issue you with a replacement chair while the repair is taking place.

Our technicians are not able to provide roadside repair services. We recommend you purchase third-party insurance and breakdown cover if you have an indoor/outdoor power wheelchair.

Do I need an appointment to pop into my local service centre?

Yes, please contact us to make an appointment, this ensures that there is someone available to see you. If you have an emergency please contact as we’ll aim to resolve your issues as soon as possible 0344 8936375.

What happens if my wheelchair needs repairing when you’re closed?

If you experience a problem with your wheelchair outside of our standard office hours (8am-6pm, please contact 0344 8936375 and your call with be answered by our duty technician.

Do I need to insure my wheelchair?

The wheelchairs and accessories which are loaned to you, remain the property of NRS Healthcare. We recommend you insure your wheelchair as it is your responsibility for any repairs or replacement costs due to improper care or theft.

Can I sell or give-away my wheelchair equipment if I no longer need it?

No wheelchairs must be returned to NRS Healthcare if you feel that you no longer need them. To arrange return or collection please contact us on 0344 8936375.

Can I make modifications to my wheelchair?

No, modifications can only be completed by clinical staff or an NHS approved repairer. Please contact us on 0344 8936375 to discuss any modifications that you think you require.


If you would like to comment, compliment or complain about our service please use one of these methods to get in touch:

0344 8936375

or complete the form to arrange a callback

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